And Sew It Begins … or Why I Started This Blog.

I am very excited about starting this blog, because there is so much that I want to say about my designs that I don’t get to say in my instructions. My patterns include detailed clear instructions that have been tested and revised based on feedback from my local focus group as well as customers. I have also taught many classes around making bags from my patterns. The experiences that people have in my classes are enriched because they are able to see so many examples and learn about the whys and “what ifs” behind my bag designs. We explore creative options that my purse designs offer as well as embellishment ideas and new techniques.

My classes also give me an opportunity to learn from my students, and this helps me make my designs better. I hope this blog will be a way for me to interact with users of my patterns as well as communicate such things as any corrections or clarifications to the instructions, added information on pattern construction and embellishments, and to share creative ideas. Many of my patterns are blank canvases, and I like to try all kinds of techniques such as fabric manipulations, surface design methods, and beading to customize my designs, which I want to share with you. The main focus of the blog will be the Square Rose patterns, but my other passions are beaded embellishment, surface design, and even fabric dying techniques that I know will sneak into this blog.

I hope that this blog will form a basis for creating a little artistic community where we can all share our ideas and enhance our enjoyment of our fiber arts and artistic passions.

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